High in the sky, Crowe's UFO snaps cause a stir

Forget epic films, it's taken just 10 seconds of screen time to get Russell Crowe a whole lot of attention.

But it's for his amateur work, rather than a starring role – and it's causing quite a stir.

The Oscar winner claims he saw a UFO while working in his Sydney office on Tuesday and posted the three time-lapse photographs as an extended film clip on YouTube.

"These are real!" Crowe writes in the introduction to the clip, which shows a series of flashes of red light, seemingly in mid-air.

Crowe's office on Woolloomooloo Wharf faces Woolloomooloo Bay and a section of the Royal Botanic Gardens. He said he set up the camera to get shots of fruit bats in the gardens, and dismissed suggestions the light was the flash from his camera.

Asked on Twitter to post the original photos, Crowe replied: "That is the original photo's you egg beater [sic]."

Luckily for that Twitter follower, there were no telephones nearby.

On YouTube, the clip, posted by Crowe's account "ParallelUniverse1234", has drawn a mixed response, with suggestions of a hoax or that the lights had come from a yacht in the bay.

Crowe may or may not have been listening to Australian band Sneaky Sound System's song "UFO".

"I saw a UFO but nobody believes me."

The story High in the sky, Crowe's UFO snaps cause a stir first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.

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