Seachanges Opportunity Shop, Tuncurry donates $10,000 to Buy a Bale

Sheelagh, Margaret and committee member Leslie.
Sheelagh, Margaret and committee member Leslie.

Seachanges Opportunity Shop, Tuncurry has donated the cost of a semi trailer load of hay, including 900kms transport, to aid the drought relief appeal.

Treasurer Sheelagh Elder, secretary Margaret Pearson and administrator Jean Bowles were the masterminds behind the plan, after they put their heads together and decided something simply had to be done to help.


“It takes one person doing something to create a flow-on effect,” Margaret explained.

“If one person or one group steps up and makes a difference, others will follow suit, and there has been a lot of support for the cause by the businesses around here.”

The members of the not-for-profit organisation did their research, wanting to ensure they picked a charity that would put 100 per cent of their donation towards the farmers, and settled on Buy a Bale.

“That way we can be sure all the money will help farmers affected by this devastating drought,” Margaret said.

“The total cost of the donation was $10,000, which was significant for us as we are a small shop, but if we don’t help our farmers, in the end we will all pay for it, we need to protect our own.”

The Seachanges Opportunity Shop community hopes their actions will inspire others to jump on board and help out.

“We hope everyone in the Forster Tunurry district will join us in supporting these people, who have not seen rain for well over a year.

“Your small change, or a few dollars to whatever you can afford will let them know they are not alone during this terrible time.”