Wharf Street, Forster shopping precinct

Following the introduction of parking sensors and a reduction in the time cars can park in Wharf Street, Forster, the community has voiced concerns that the implemented time limits are too short.

Taking part in a discussion on the Advocate Facebook page, Dayal Carruthers commented that parking should be at least two and a half to three hours.

“This gives people enough time to do some shopping and grab a bite to eat,” Dayal continued.

"Otherwise maybe the council should consider building a multi level car park where they can charge a minimum fee for people to park as long as they want. 

“Parking is becoming a problem in off peak times let alone during peak times. 

“We no longer visit Wharf St because of the parking restrictions where once we used to wander the shops and eat at one of the eateries.

“Now we go elsewhere, ie Stocklands.”

“Two hours max the local businesses are suffering big time,” Skye Thomas added, to which Kerry Mortimer said she totally agreed.

“One hour gives you no time to shop and get a bite to eat,” Debbie McMillan commented.

“Something I wanted to do the other day but left instead as I didn’t want to be fined.

“The restriction of one hour must be killing business try two hours at least.”

Michelle Little agreed that two hours makes much more sense.

“You can't fit breakfast/lunch and shopping into one hour,” she continued.

“Most people would choose to go to Stockland instead.

“No time limit - shop as long as you like with no threat of a fine.”

“Yes, increase to two hours,” Simone Densley  added.

“Also, I had to wait ages in the ANZ yesterday, and I was lucky I got an hour spot not a 15 minute spot.”

“There is no leniency with our parking gestapo,” Stan Clements  commented.

“As soon as your time is up their book is out.

“My wife was sitting in the car and she glanced up and saw a ticket being raised, she has a valid disabled parking badge and when she spoke to the man he admitted he hadn’t even looked at the windscreen in his haste to issued a fine.

“Luckily ticket was not issued, THIS TIME.”

Amanda Marshall suggested the removal of the 15 minute zones and extend all parking to a minimum of two hours, and Reece Hawes said it “should be all day, we don’t live in Sydney.”