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 Bus lanes on Sydney’s Warringah Freeway – beware
Bus lanes on Sydney’s Warringah Freeway – beware

I'm going to have a bit of a moan this week. You see I was booked while taking a road test car back to Sydney recently.

Before the chorus goes up of "you deserved it, obey the rules and you won't get booked”, all lines I have used myself in the past, let me tell you my story.

I was travelling down the Warringah Freeway in Sydney approaching the harbour bridge and was in the lane that would have taken me into the harbour tunnel.

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I wanted to get onto the Cahill Expressway lane and crossed a bus lane in the process.

I may have been in the bus lane a moment or two while the traffic cleared in the lane I was headed for.

Apparently at the point I was changing lanes I must have driven under a camera gantry. 

The result a $324 fine for “driving in a bus lane”. 

Now the road rules say you are entitled to travel in a bus lane for up to 100 metres if you are about to turn left.

Apparently the camera gives no latitude to being in the bus lane while changing lanes?

I will certainly be appealing the fine.

But this is a timely warning to be very careful where you change lanes in Sydney.

Click the photo to read about the road test car and bike of 2017

Click the photo to read about the road test car and bike of 2017

If you need to cross a bus lane, T2 or T3 lane, you may well be adding to the coffers of the NSW government.

If that's not plain revenue raising I don't know what is.

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