Smiths Lake has been re-opened

Smiths Lake is part of the Great Lakes area and occasionally it needs to be opened to the sea to reduce water levels which can lead to flooding of low lying areas.

The lake was last opened by the then Great Lakes Council in late 2015 before it reached the two metre mark.

The entrance of Smiths Lake has been artificially opened since 1932, with council co-ordinating the activity since 1960.

The trigger lake water level, to initiate opening, was initially set at a 1.7m, however since 2002, the level has been raised to 2.1m. 

According to free on-line encyclopedia, Wikipedia, the Smiths Lake catchment is from within Wallingat National Park and the Wamwarra and Tarbuck creeks.

Its relatively small catchment area of 28 square kilometres (11 sq mi) and a surface area of 10 square kilometres (3.9 sq mi) expands to .full,  an area of around 1300 hectares when full.

These photographs were captured and shared by RPAS managing director, Troy Faerdell