Zone 11 bowls

Play between Tuncurry and Forster in grade 2.
Play between Tuncurry and Forster in grade 2.

Despite some inclement weather during the week, Saturday (March 10) saw the completion of the second round of the pennant competition with some extremely close games being decided. There were also some results that were complete blow outs.

In the grade 2 competition, this week saw two games being decided by a single shot.

The first saw Forster defeating Tuncurry 61/60 with Jason Morse playing an absolute cracker on the last end.

Down two on the main board and one down at the head Morse turned the shot bowl out and then came onto the third shot to also turn this out, and make three shots to win the game, recording an 8-2 win.

Old Bar had an equally close game, defeating Taree West 59/58 at Taree West. This gave them an 8.5-1.5 win. Leagues had a big win over Wingham 71/37, and won 10-0.

Forster are leading overall with two wins on 17 points.

In grade 3, Gloucester followed up their first round win with another, defeating Palms 72/58, 8.5-1.5.

Leagues tried to emulate their grade 2 team and had a big 70/40 and 9-1 win over Forster.

Tuncurry defeated Harrington in a close one 60/58 and 8/2. Gloucester lead on 18.5 points overall.

In grade 4, Tuncurry edged over the line in another close one, 60/58 against Blackhead and won 9-1.

Harrington was much too good for Railway with a huge 79/36 win.

Forster had a 67/48 win over Manning Point. Both those results were 10-0.

Tuncurry now lead with 19.

In grade 5, Sporties won 86/42 over Forster, and Lansdowne had a win of 81/34 over Wingham; these were two huge wins to these clubs. Both recorded 10-0 wins.

West defeated Railway 67/52 and 9-1. Sporties are leading with a perfect 20 points after two games.

In grade 6/1, Sporties(1) and Forster had a 60/60 draw on the main board with Forster grabbing the lollies 5.5-4.5 courtesy of two rink wins.

Palms defeated Old Bar 58/55 and 9-1, and Leagues had the bye. Forster are narrow leaders on 14.5 points.

For grade 6/2, in what must have been three very close rink scores, Gloucester defeated Sporties(2) by just four shots 59/54, but picked up the maximum 10 points.

Bulahdelah defeated Tuncurry 69/52, also 10-0. Harrington had the bye. Bulahdelah lead on 19 points.

In grade 7/1, Blackhead had a 75/43 win over Lansdowne, scoring 9-1.

Forster(1) was another big winner with an 82/44 and 10-0 win over Gloucester.

Harrington had the bye. Forster are another perfect team and lead on 20 points.

In grade 7/2, West defeated Forster(2) 57/50 and 9-1.

Tuncurry had a 68/52 and 10-0 win over Leagues.

Sporties had the bye, and Tuncurry join the perfect team list with the maximum 20 points.

Three teams have made the perfect start to the season and have yet to taste defeat on any rink.

Two teams have lost only one rink. How long can this continue?