Former Great Lakes councillor Karen Hutchinson has been elected to MidCoast Council

The community has spoken and elected a good cross section of representatives for the newly formed MidCoast Council, Karen Hutchinson says.

Geographically, much of the Mid Coast is represented in the make-up of the new council, from small towns and villages to larger towns, Cr Hutchinson said.

The free-range egg producer from Booral, and former Great Lakes councillor said she was now looking forward to getting on with the job she was elected, and loves to do.

Her only qualm is the election of a mayor during the first council meeting, which will be held next Wednesday, September 27.

“It doesn’t give the new councillors time to get to know one another,” Cr Hutchinson said.

But, that aside she is excited about sharing and learning about the ideas and views of a new and successful council.

“I also want to get rid of all those conspiracy theories and get down to business.

“Let’s drill down to the real facts and get some real outcomes for the community.

“They need an assurance they will get stability, and that is what is going to happen.

“Let’s all work together and have the conversation which is for the community.”

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