Forster knitting crew, Knit and Knatter will meet at Forster library on August 25

So much to tell you about, and the first cab off the rank is Gloucester library.

Thanks to a huge effort, which involved a team of four staff working on-site at Gloucester for six weeks, we’ve managed to transfer all the Gloucester library stock over to the MidCoast Libraries system.

This means Gloucester library members will now be fully integrated into our system and can borrow from our collections.

It also means we can offer much greater support to the wonderful Gloucester library crew (who also did an amazing amount of work and took the whole switchover in their stride).

It’s hard to explain how major an undertaking this was, and that we managed to do it in such a short time frame is a testament to all the staff that worked out.

We now have additional staff out there helping to register as many Gloucester residents as possible.

Then we’ll follow that with another major Gloucester project – refurbishing the library using grant funding to the tune of $172,658.

While that’s all happening, there are some great library events looming.

First up, our regular story time sessions this week have all been designed around a Children’s Book Week theme.

Regular attendees will notice something different, and if you’ve got young children but haven’t attended yet, now could be the perfect time.

Then there’s national history month and the Wallamba Historical Society has got into the swing of it. You’ve still got a chance to attend their free workshop, DNA and Your Family on Saturday, August  26  from 11-2 pm.

They’re also celebrating a birthday so you might score some cake.

Now to a traditional library event – Joel Wakely will be launching his book, Passion for Holden on Tuesday, August 29 from 1.30-2.30 pm at Harrington library.

He’ll be following this up with an author talk at Taree library on Thursday, August 31 also from 1.30-2.30pm.

Should be fascinating, especially for Holden lovers.

And something that is now becoming a traditional library event. Why not join our knitting crew, Knit and Knatter, at Forster library on Friday, August  25 from 10am until noon.

You’ll get to be part of a wonderful knitting network, you’ll be knitting for a great cause, its heaps of fun and there’s a free morning tea.

Just bring wool and needles.

Another big event – the live streaming of the Sydney Opera House’s Antidote festival of ideas. For the first time we’re running it from both Forster and Taree on Sunday, September 3  from 11-2.5pm. Again free.

One final plug. The Big Book Arvo – three panels discussing three great novels – Saturday, September 16 at Club Forster from 2pm.

Wondering where to find out more about all of these events – check out our website for details and how to book in -

See you at the library.