Marine Drive works to remove sand build-up

During the next two days MidCoast Council will undertake  minor works to relocate sand from the drain and road side of the dune at the northern end of Forster's One Mile Beach.

Council's operations (south) manager, Jamie Condie said that observation of the sand dune over the past seven years had indicated the face of the dune is moving westwards, altering drainage patterns, covering public walkways and stairs and burying the native vegetation planted to stabilise the dune.

In order to protect this public infrastructure from sand inundation, it has been assessed that regular maintenance activity is required.

"If the drains become blocked we run the risk of stormwater overflowing and inundating nearby private property" said Jamie Condie.

"The machinery will shift a quantity of sand from the drain below Marine Drive and the road side of the dune over the next two days."

Council has undertaken a review of environmental factors to ensure that there is no adverse environmental impact on the beach or dune from these works.

"Relocation of sand from the top of the dune has worked well in the past without any significant environmental effects,” Mr Condie said.

The sand removed from the drain will be relocated to a stockpile site in Tuncurry and the west side of the dune will be profiled to complete the works.