Can community doctor be replaced? | Photos

There is no doubt about the respect and affection local residents have for Pacifc Palms-based doctor David Norus.

At a hastily organised meeting last Wednesday (November 23) night, it was standing room only as more than 200 people crammed into the Palms Community Centre at Elizabeth Beach to discuss finding new premises for the doctor.

Last month Dr Norus was told he would have to vacate his consulting rooms after administration issues linked to the lease of the building caught up with him.

Fearful of losing Dr Norus, resident Ariel Johnson put the word out about his plight and the search for new consulting rooms.

She said the initial concept behind the meeting was to show support to Dr Norus.

When he walked into the hall on Wednesday night the cheering and clapping was amazing, she said.

But, then he announced he had decided to leave, Ariel said.

The Great Lakes Advocate has come under fire from residents following an article, ‘Doctor’s orders at Palms’, in the November 23 issue.

“We feel very upset he is going," Ariel said.

During the meeting residents described Doctor Norus as a wonderful, caring doctor, a treasured friend and life coach, who in three years had earned the community’s respect for his devotion and medical skills.

Smiths Lake resident Robert Birch described Dr Norus’ arrival as a Godsend.

“During his time here his professionalism, tireless dedication and humanity have endeared him to his many patients.

“His caring manner and devotion to the well-being of the thousands who sought his services stamped him, sadly, as a rarity in the medical profession.”

According to some of his 3500 patients, Dr Norus wasn’t just a wonderful GP, he was a trauma specialist, an emergency doctor and had a knowledge of mental health issues.

Ray Garland said Dr Norus’ expertise, bedside manner and work ethic were outstanding.

“Dr Norus is an excellent doctor and is the most valuable member of our community. He is irreplaceable,” Mr Garland said.

“It has never been about money with this man, he finds helping his patients’ health and wellbeing the most important thing for this community rather than seeing to his paperwork,” Ashlee Kell wrote.

Dr Norus commuted from Sydney to his Mid North Coast practice 4-5 days a week. 

“We are still hoping he will come back,” Ariel said.

Dr Norus did not return the Advocate’s telephone calls.