London Night Tube created a true 24-hour city

By Steve McKenna
October 21 2016 - 1:15pm
The Duck & Waffle Bar is London's highest restaurant and a great addition to any late-night tour of the city.
Night Tube map when all lines are open.

It's Friday night – or the early hours of Saturday morning, to be more precise – and the mood inside Oxford Circus Underground station is rather surreal. Usually at this time, you could expect to be caught up in a mad dash for the last Tube, as booze-fuelled revellers and jaded shift workers scramble to avoid two of the worst plights imaginable: a long and winding journey home on a night bus, or a wallet-draining taxi ride. Right now, the crowds sashaying through the station are noticeably more carefree and smiley. Especially beaming is a gang of thirtysomething women doing a rendition of Lionel Richie's All Night Long (All Night). It's unashamedly cheesy – and very apt. We are, after all, in the realm of the Night Tube.