Bartz the best in open women's

Sunday February 17 saw the Boomerang Beach Boardriders' first club point-score held just off ‘Nelly's’ at South Boomerang Beach. Not only is it our 16th consecutive year but it is shaping up to be the one of the best yet; you beauty.

The more 'they' attempt to dictate what is politically correct, the clearer I see that there is still hope left for not only the human race as we stand but this community based, youth oriented club to stand united and embody the literal interpretation of a fraternity. It is definitely not about how hot you are individually, but certainly, how "’la Familia’ interacts.

So, with great pleasure, I have seen a whole gamut of old and new members, friends, families and associates interacting optimally in our first club competition for 2013, to spread the love and again (ta George Greenough) send this juggernaut into the outer limits of pure fun.

Welcome one and all and once again, happy days.

Results for February 17 point-score were as follows.

Terry Lee Micro Groms: first Oscar Salt, second Ross Cadden, third Kelton Lee and fourth Jim Brown.

Iguana Surf Open Women’s: first Melissa Bartz, second Wendy Yarnold, third Merinda Tedesco and fourth Bree Gardiner.

Saltwater Wine Surf Junior Girls (U18): first Jade Gaul, second Rilea Judson and third Tayla Godwin.

Saltwater Wine Surf Cadet Boys (U16): first Tom Callaghan, second Max Breese, third Solomon Lee, fourth Shane Cadden.

NCAC Junior Boys (U18): first Kye Engel, second Brad MacDonald, third Joey Tedesco and fourth Darcy Hale

Iguana Surf Over 35s: first Stuart Cadden, second Otto Lee, third Mark Jensen, fourth Gary Hughes

Blueys Cellars, Blueys Newsagents, Frank Tedesco Building Open Men’s: first Trent McMurray, second Luke Mahony, third Nat Tyrrell and fourth Brock Monkley.

Boomerang Beach Surf Co Encouragement Award:Haakon Britt

Dominos Junior Members Draw: Brad MacDonald, Max Breese and Kye Engel

Dominos, Shots of Happy Senior Members Draw: Joey Engel and Brock Monkley.

Gary Hughes 

Brock Monkley in action.

Brock Monkley in action.

Luke Mahoney “throwing buckets”

Luke Mahoney “throwing buckets”

Nat Tyrell flies high

Nat Tyrell flies high


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