Wallis Lake Fishermen’s Co-Op wharf reopens

Stephen Bromhead and Suzie McEnallay inspect the new infrastructure.
Stephen Bromhead and Suzie McEnallay inspect the new infrastructure.

After almost 18 months of closure, the Fishermen’s Co-Op wharf in Tuncurry has reopened to the public, with some new features.

Wallis Lake Fishermen’s Co-Op operations manager, Suzie McEnallay said the maritime infrastructure improvements being made were a great development for the community.

“The wharf now has an accessibility ramp and fishing platforms which it hasn’t had before, it’s exciting to have a designated fishing zone there,” Suzie said.

“The work isn’t finished, but it has partially opened to the public now.

“It’s great to see the community coming back to the wharf after almost 18 months, using it to do some fishing, eating their prawns and enjoying themselves.”

Member for Myall Lakes, Stephen Bromhead explained $595,000 would be invested in Tuncurry to revitalise the existing timber unloading wharf in front of the Co-Op.

The wharf is broken up into sections for recreational fishing, dining and unloading for our commercial fishermen, with disabled access now available, thanks to the new ramp.

“The wharf has historically not been used to its full potential, especially considering the recent closures due to safety and structural concerns,” Mr Bromhead said.

“It is now being redeveloped on the existing piles to incorporate an improved accessible fishing platform, mixed use dining area and commercial catch unloading area.”

Mr Bromhead said currently recreational anglers fish off mooring catwalks and rock walls between the Wallis Lake Fishermen’s Co-Operative and the Tuncurry-Forster Bridge, so the presence of a dedicated fishing platform is a boost to recreational fishing in the area.