Forster Triathlon Club 2018 season

Run, ride, run again… what better way to start your Sunday?

Over the weekend, the Forster Triathlon Club held its second duathlon of the pre-season.

It was a glorious morning for a run, ride, run, if not a little windy. 

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We had twelve eager participants including three brave juniors who toughed it out alongside the seniors, well done to the junior Fitzhardinge and Hopper boys.

We also had three brand new participants, Linda Thacker, Samantha Clarke and Nicole Hansen, who we look forward to welcoming into the thrill of Sunday club races as the season heats up.

President, Dave Fitzhardinge had his work cut out for him against new dad, Aaron Eichner who was in top form and came away with a clear win.

Fiona Price was first across the line for the women, with her strength on the bike leg ​making it impossible for anyone to keep up. 

Our season officially begins on October 14, with our first club triathlon at Forster Keys.

See the club Facebook page for more information.

Newcomers, tri-curious and Ironmen are all welcome.