Big Book Arvo Forster 2018

Big Book Arvo Forster 2018
Big Book Arvo Forster 2018

Spring is on us, and with it has come the Big Book Arvo in its third year in Forster.

Once again the Forster Fellas Book Club, together with MidCoast Libraries have organised their popular big annual book discussion to raise funds for the Great Lakes Education Fund which assists local students with their tertiary studies.

The event, on Saturday, September 22 from 2-5pm at Club Forster, will be facilitated by library manager, Chris Jones, and will feature three novels to be discussed by the panels of local book lovers.

While it isn’t essential to have read the books to attend the event, you may get even more from the discussion if you do know the novels.

This year’s selection, chosen from recommendations of the Big Book Arvo community, are ‘Our Souls at Night’, ‘Midnight’s Children’ and ‘We Need New Names’.

“There are so many interesting and challenging themes in these books, aging, migrant experiences, colonial impact, that, like our three previous events, discussion is certain to be challenging and lively,”  organiser and committee member, Graham Gardner said.

“We’re hoping the crowd will be even bigger than last year so we can raise even more funds for the education of our local students.”

Tickets are available now at the Sitting Wombat Book Shop and the Foster Visitor Information Centre.