This weekend's Great Lakes weather forecast

As the long, dry spring in winter season continues, the days are getting longer with the sun rising just after 6.30am and setting just after 5pm.

However, the first light begins just after 6am and disappears before 7pm.

Along the coast the sun will continue to shine throughout the weekend with a top of 21 degrees on Friday rising to 23 degrees on Saturday, before returning to a more August average of 18 degrees on Sunday.

Night-time temperatures will ranges from seven degrees on Friday, up to 10 degrees on Saturday and back nine degrees on Sunday.

Further inland a foggy start was predicted this morning with the temperature climbing to a sunny 23 degrees, followed by a warm and sunny 25 degrees on Saturday, then falling back to a mostly sunny Sunday with a top of 17 degrees.

A slight to moderate risk of frost for Friday and Saturday nights with lows of 3-4 degrees, while Sunday evening will fall to seven degrees.

Wednesday night was the coldest this year along the coast with the mercury falling to just 3.5 degrees.