MidCoast Council tourism destination naming debate

Barrington Tops, without doubt, is a wonderful regional attribute, but so are all the other tourist destinations in the MidCoast local government area.

It is very important that any new tourism destination name is of equal benefit to all destinations within LGA.  

Including the place name 'Barrington' provides preferential exposure, paid for by all MidCoast ratepayers. How?  It focuses tourist attention on only one small area – 760 square kilometres within the entire region which is 10,050sq/km.

Do a google search on 'Barrington' and you will get the full unfair picture, pages and pages of Barrington area 'facilities'.

The area already has extensive online exposure, and due to its proximity, additional promotion from websites of the Hunter. 

Imagine the outcry if, for example, 'Forster Coast' had been proposed/approved! 

This issue is about Midcoast Council making a decision to ensure the name they approve ensures all destinations are 'viewed’ equally.

All tourism related businesses need to contact councillors with their concerns well prior to next MidCoast Council meeting at 2pm - Wednesday, August 22.

Anne Reynolds

Tea Gardens