Roundabout relief: community breathes a sigh of relief

Relief has been the predominant emotion in the Great Lakes following news that the plans for the new roundabout on Manning Street in Tuncurry have been paused.

Taking part in a discussion on the Advocate’s Facebook page, residents expressed the hope that a better solution would be achieved.

“Thank heaven for some common sense,” Colin Minter  said. 

“What we need is an integrated plan that takes into consideration the whole of the Forster - Tuncurry traffic flow.

“While we are at it we need to consider the traffic back log from Great Lakes College Tafe traffic at peak times and the problems entering or exiting Grey Gum Rd and Chapman's Rd.”

Marc Degnan suggested the turning to and from Point Rd and Wharf St needed to be stopped.

“Also need to address the two traffic lights AND two roundabouts on the Forster side,” he wrote.

“That is a mess which causes 5-10k backups during holiday season.”

“The traffic will be backed up even longer if u stop Turning onto the bridge it’s fine,” Sean Summers replied.

Debbi Niblett commented that most locals felt safer going the long way via Bent, South then Manning St onto the bridge.

“Safety before shortcuts!” she wrote.

Sandra Cotnryy suggested an alternative fix.

“My uncles idea is why not put a traffic light in Manning St., before getting to Point Rd, which will only be activated if there is a vehicle in that merging lane, and a light or arrow at the end of the merging lane,” she wrote.

“When there is a car in the merging lane the Manning St light goes red, the arrow at the end of the merging lane goes green to let the vehicle go across the bridge. What do you think?”

Craig McCormack was one of few who didn’t convey relief at the news.

“The headline should have read “Whingers who don’t know how to use a roundabout have a temporary win”.” he wrote, to which Bryan D Meaker responded, asking, “Craig, have you ever used that intersection on a regular basis?”

“Replicate bridge. Very simple,” Anthony Langford  suggested.

“Or do we just wait for the major incident that will shut the bridge down for days??”

Kristine Nicholson Smith wrote it was a silly place to think about putting a roundabout, so close to the exit of the bridge, and John Costello added the outline needs removing.

“There are drivers treating it as a roundabout, Great decision Steve,” he wrote.