The tiny crab that saves the turtle

Congratulations to Holy Name Primary School, Forster Year 6 student, Amber Kunzil, who received an excellence award in the Great Lakes Advocate’s inaugural Tell Me A Story competition.

Over the coming weeks the GLA will publish a range of outstanding stories entered in the competition.

This is Amber’s story.

Under the surface was a small, leather back sea turtle who was friends with a tiny crab around the height of a pebble.

They sometimes thought the coral would whisper whenever the would swim past, and the sand would run away from them.

Crab and Turtle always found each other every day. It was easy for them to find each other because they were neighbours, and they lived on their own now.

Back in their childhood they were friends ever since they were born, as their parents knew each other very well.

They’ve lived in the same houses for their whole lives as neighbours.  When their parents left to find another place they were left alone.

One day when crab went to go to the turtle’s house, but she wasn’t there.

He saw her in a fishing net so he followed it.

He couldn’t see their houses anymore, but he kept on going to free her. He knew he was coming closer to the shore by the minute, but he knew he was still far away.

He was still cautious just in case he got very close. The crab tried jumping to get her, but the boat was going way too fast.

This place is amazing, how did you find it?

He wanted to give up but he didn’t give up. He kept on going to get his best friend back.

He was so determined to rescue her. Finally the boat stopped. However the poor crab was so far away from home.

The boats engine was still roaring to life. He didn’t realise that he was only three kilometres away from shore.

This was where they were born. Suddenly from up on the boat big, angry storm clouds appeared. The person didn’t realise until the rain came.

A flash of lighting struck the boat. The boat started to sink. The person jumped off the boat shouting, ‘HELP!’ but no one answered so he swam to shore.

Meanwhile crab panicked as the boat was sinking. Turtle was stuck so crab tried to free her.

He clipped the net as fast as he could, and he saved her just in time. The ocean seemed to be happy. Then those nasty storm clouds disappeared and the bright sunshine came bringing happiness to the sky.

They realised how far away they were so they moved somewhere else to a place named Water Valley, a place no one knows. And guess what that’s where their parents were.

They didn’t know that though. There journey took eight days but it was worth it though. It had all the food they needed and had beautiful coral and great places to live.

It was like a sea animal country. When they arrived they saw how different it was to their old home. There were about one million different sea animals and heaps more homes.

When they saw their parents, they swam as fast as they could. They said to their parents: “This place is amazing, how did you find it?” Their parents answered, “Well we found it randomly.”

The sand looked like a human marathon. They were shocked to see how busy it was. And their parents loved to see them.

When the best friends had children they stayed with their parents for years, but they were still in the area but just in a different house.

Their parents still lived in the same house though, and they visited whenever they wanted. They continued visiting their parents until they died.

This continued for generations, Their children did the same thing and so did their children’s children and so on, until the place was deserted 200 years later.

That is because of humans that just destroyed the place with so much rubbish in the water.

Don’t litter!