Four Great Lakes swimmers are off to Australian Age Championships

Dane Jeffery,Claire Van Kampen, Jess  and Nash Wilkes.
Dane Jeffery,Claire Van Kampen, Jess and Nash Wilkes.

Four young swimmers from the Great Lakes have been selected for the Swimming North Coast team, which will compete at the 2018 Australian Age Championships in Sydney from April 21-28.

Sixteen-year-old Claire Van Kampen, Nash Wilkes and Dane Jerrery will represent the region, alongside 17-year-old Jessie Wilkes.

Swimming Mid North Coast has chosen a team of 26 from across the area to compete in the Australian Championships, with a total of 1701 competitors from across the country expected to take part.

Eleven of the Mid North Coast swimmers are multi class and will compete on the last two days of competition.

This figure is up on last year, thanks to the multi class program run by the area.

Multi class swimmers are disabled in some way and are divided into functional classes which are a physical disability, three classes of blindness, intellectual, deaf and finally transplant has been added.