Safety debate over Tuncurry Rock Pool following latest close call

Tuncurry Rock Pool.
Tuncurry Rock Pool.

The community has responded with mixed emotions to news of yet another close call in the water at the Tuncurry Rock Pool.

While some residents are urging MidCoast Council to erect more specific signs warning users about the dangers of swimming at the popular location, others argue additional signage isn’t the answer. 

Tom Riley suggested that only strong swimmers should be swimming in open water.

“The rockpool is the same as any open water beach,” he added.

“Weak swimmers should swim at the bullring or at a pool. Treat the ocean with respect.”

“It’s the ocean, if you need a sign, you shouldn't be anywhere near it,” Daniel Armour added.

Stan Clements agreed, commenting, “Just read the sign as you enter the steps. All self explanatory.”

“As a child I watched my dad and two other men rescue two kids who had been caught in the net after been dragged out,” Craig Millen  wrote.

“How safe is the rockpool, ask the professionals... A paid lifesaver would be a good idea during peak times...”

“We watched a young foreign couple get sucked towards the back of the net on Friday afternoon,”Katherine Schiffmann  commented.

“Lucky there was someone close to help. The water was just over hip height but a strong outgoing tide.

“I don’t know what else you can do, there is signs saying strong current.”

“Can't people read signs now,” Glenda Magnussen asked.

“It's the mouth of the ocean and lake of course it's going to be dangerous.”

“It’s not safe if you are not a local,” Gail Sparrow  wrote.

“I have seen too many people dragged out into that right hand corner.

“Maybe 'bigger' signs need to be erected for holidayers to take heed, a life saver would also be a good idea, as the way that it is now the locals are the ones doing the rescuing, seeing as they are the only ones who keep an eye out.”

Joel Turnbull suggested that people who need a sign shouldn't be swimming there.

“A sign won't help people if you don't understand the ocean and currents. People still don't swim between the flags,” he wrote.

Pedro Ramos commented he has seen countless people in trouble in the area in the few years he has been in the area.

“Something needs to be done ASAP before a tragedy occurs,” he said.

“Indeed more signs,” Belinda Humphries  added.

“My husband has rescued many from the corner of the rock pool.

“Two weeks ago my husband struggled trying to save a older lady it is very dangerous.

“Yes a life guard would be a safer option and a mighty big bright sign or maybe two. Our rock pool and beaches need more life guards as it is a very popular place.”

“We have been asking for years after many rescues,” Kathy Lutwyche-Brown commented.

“Don't let a child drown before more clear signs are erected! Come on council, it's not a big expense!”

Anne Peelgrane added that the warning signs are way too small.

“Lots of incidents over the summer,” she said.

“Right hand side needs big red DANGER sign! Parents need to be responsible for the safety of their children!!”

“All locals know that right hand side has a bad current,” Angela Lyons wrote.

“I watched a kid sucked in against the ropes and everyone screaming including myself for help.

“Luckily he was rescued. I would never go near the right side of the pool or actually near the ropes. But they absolutely need to have warning signs up for visitors.”