Advice for visitors to stay trouble free

Manning Great Lakes police has encouraged visitors to not be complacent during their stay to the region. 

They said although the chances of being a victim of theft are low, there are thieves who are looking for an opportunity to take things that don’t belong to them.

Taking to social media, police identified eight key areas that visitors should adhere advice.

When staying in apartments or caravans, visitors are advised ensure that when going out, doors and windows are locked.

When going to bed at night, ensure that doors and windows are secure. An unlocked door may be the only invitation a thief needs to disrupt your holiday. E

ven in multi-storey apartments higher than the ground floor, you may still be vulnerable if you leave your doors and windows unlocked.

Also ensure that pushbikes are secure. Do not leave pushbikes attached to vehicles, in trailers or standing outside your caravans and tents.

Secure them inside your caravan, tent or vehicle to ensure that they do not get stolen.

Be mindful of leaving beach towels and new clothing outside when you are not at your apartment, caravan or tent. Police say these items have been targeted by thieves in the past.

Do not leave surfboards, wetsuits or fishing gear outside at night. Secure these items in your apartment or caravan and record the make model and serial numbers of these items where possible.

Put the keys to your car and any wallets or valuables in a safe place, even when you are at your apartment or caravan.

When going to the beach or into town or the shopping centres, lock your car and do not leave any valuables such as handbags, wallets, jewelry or anything else of value in view.

If unable to be carried, lock them in the boot.

A wallet with no money left lying in the car, may encourage a thief to break a window to get into your car. This damage will cost you money.

When at the beach, try to secure your valuables. Hiding your wallet in your shoe and under a towel will not fool any perspective thieves.

Ensure that your alcohol supplies are secured. There have been incidents in the past where alcohol has been stolen from eskies that have been left unattended outside cabins/caravans/tents.

Be aware that most of the licenced premises in the Manning Great Lakes area have courtesy buses.

If you are enjoying your holiday and drinking alcohol, please do not be tempted to drive. An accident or being arrested for drink driving will ruin your holiday very quickly.

Contact Taree Police Station on 6552 0399 or Forster Police Station on 6555 1299 for assistance.