Great Lakes, what's the draw?

Candice is a passionate campaigner for community improvement.

Candice is a passionate campaigner for community improvement.

Candice Fanning is the face of the push for more shaded areas in our playgrounds and parks, but how did she get to the Great Lakes, and why has she stayed?

“I have been living in Forster for five years now,” Candice said.

“Previously I lived here for one year in 2007, then moved to Sydney, but loved it when I moved back again.”

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After growing up in Grafton, Candice wandered along down to our coastal community when a job opened up that she liked the look of.

“I was 18 at the time, and it was time to move out of home so Forster seemed like a good place,” she said.

“The only reason I would move away now would be if my kids grow up and relocate, we just love it here!

“The people and community spirit in Forster is incomparable to anywhere I have lived.

“The businesses support eachother, the community backs anyone who needs it. We have a great area to relax and work. We live in a paradise.”

Candice is an enthusiastic paddle-boarder in the summer months, and when the weather cools she switches out her paddle for a paintball gun. She also has her own cupcake business which, as you could imagine, she loves.

“I also work at Spice Monkey, and running my business Cakes by Candi B is great.

“As a family we love to visit the parks with the kids, or inflatable world in Taree. The water world park at the Lakeside Tavern is also fantastic during the holidays.”

With four children, a big part of Candice’s life is ensuring her family is safe and happy.

It was in the pursuit of this that she became a passionate campaigner for increasing sun safety for children in the Great Lakes.

“I want far more shades over the local playgrounds. All the barbecue and seating areas are covered, but not the play areas. It means that children can’t safely play in the heat of summer, plus the equipment all becomes burning hot in the sun without any shade.

“Another thing I want to achieve in the community is creating regulation of the rent in the old shopping village in Wharf Street Forster, to allow more businesses to stay open and encourage more local support.

“We need to support locality as much as possible.

“I would also like to look into regulating housing rental prices to encourage more young working families to move to the area.”

Alongside her passion for community improvement causes, Candice enjoys making the most of the beauty that surrounds her in the Great Lakes.

“I love the local beaches, the ease of getting anywhere you need to go,” she said.

“There are attractions so close to us, from the tallest tree to the tallest waterfall, all a short drive away.

“The pristine waters that surround us just relax your body and soul.”