The Belligerents are playing Forster's Grow Your Own music festival in December 2017

Brisbane band The Belligerents will play Forster's Grow Your Own music festival in December.
Brisbane band The Belligerents will play Forster's Grow Your Own music festival in December.

Brisbane boys the Belligerents are making plans to pack their bags and pop on a podcast for the journey down to the Great Lakes to play Grown Your Own music festival in December.

The five piece musical group of Lewis Stephenson, James Griffin, Konstantin Kersting, Andy Balzat and Samuel Sargent recently released their long awaited album Science Fiction, and they are excited to come and show us what they’ve got.

Snatching a moment from his busy day, bass guitarist Konstantin caught up with the Advocate, talking new music, future plans and the significance of regional festivals.


“We took ourselves out of the way to get the record done,” Konstantin said of the recent release.

“We got a lot of stuff done on Stradbroke island in the farmhouse we rented. We wrote, recorded and produced it all ourselves.

“I think the sound is very summery. We like it, hopefully everyone else does too.”

Although this will be a first visit to the Great Lakes for some of the group members, the boys are passionate about supporting the furtherance of regional music festivals.

“We hope people will like our new music, and we can’t wait to come down to Forster and play it for everyone,” Konstantin said.

“I have been through Forster a couple of times, I like it down there, it’s nice.

“It’s going to be awesome I recon, there’s a pretty good line up, we will be really looking forward to it.

“It’s great to get out a bit to regional areas and play some shows there, rather than just sticking to the big cities, people seem to have a really great time when they get out to regional events.

“We’ve done a bunch of them and they’re always great fun. When people have to get out and travel to an event they seem to enjoy it more than when they just stay in the city and see a show, they get really into the spirit of it, so it should be a really good time.”

After the drawn-out process of finalising their first full length record, the Belligerents are already keen to get back into the studio and start working on a new one.

“We are pretty much ready to move onto our next record I think,” Konstantin said.

“It took so long to put out the first one, and we’ve pretty much got enough songs to get onto the second one so we will head back into the studio and get the second one going.

“We are just trying to make music that appeals to us, and then hopefully it appeals to other people.

“Our first record is just a collection of songs that we were really fond of and that we really liked, and we hope that other people will like them too.”