Graffiti Removal Day

Graffiti buster Ted Bickford led the NSW Graffiti Removal Day on late last month with an army of volunteers.

With no graffiti in Forster -Tuncurry to clean-off, Ted had to come up with a new plan, eventually deciding to spruce up the local war memorials.

With 21 willing helpers, Ted revamped the Lone Pine Memorial, the Tank Memorial, and the Sand Dune Shed.

“It was above and beyond what I was expecting,” Ted said.

“The kids were marvellous, I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Ted’s helpers included Bryony Sudell, Geno Porrello, Connor Majewski, Andrew Majewski, Josh Angus, Karen De Gioia, Christie Critchley, Lou Webber, Paul De Gioia, Winston McBride, Kyle De Gioia, Sophie Collins, Bronwyn Bickford, Krystal Miller, Brynn Webber, Menphis McBride, Tait Critchley, Liam Critchley, and of course Ted.

The aim of Graffiti Removal Day is to highlight the problem of graffiti across the State and encourage people to volunteer to remove and prevent graffiti.