MidCoast Water will begin cleaning sewer pipes in some Forster streets from October 16

Sewer lines in Forster will be the focus of MidCoast Water Services’ closed circuit television investigation program.

Starting next Monday, October 16, program contractors will begin cleaning sewer pipes both in the street and those pipes connecting homes to the main sewer service.

“As well as cleaning the sewer lines, this investigation program is an important part of our preventative maintenance schedule,” MidCoast Council water services director, Brendan Guiney said.

“It uses closed circuit television cameras to correctly map the sewer network and identify potential problems so they can be resolved before they cause any disruption to services.”

It is possible the cleaning process may cause a backflow of air into the toilet.  Customers are encouraged to leave the toilet lid down and the toilet door closed. In the event that the cleaning process empties the toilet bowl simply flushing the toilet will refill it.

Contractors may need to gain access to some properties within the testing area. These property owners will be contacted directly by MidCoast Water Services.

Areas of Forster to be part of the program include Macintosh, Mark, Boona and Boundary streets, Kularoo Drive and The Southern Parkway. The work is expected to take a week.

We ask customers who experience any issues as a result of the investigation program to contact MidCoast Water Services on 1300 133 455 and report the incident.