Forster Ocean Baths will be closed until this Friday for maintenance

The popular Forster Ocean Baths – Bull Ring – will be closed until this Friday, October 13  for repairs to the gate valve, located at the north-eastern side of the baths.

According to a council spokesperson, the infrastructure for the pool is located in a very harsh and dynamic environment.

“Repairs and improvements are sometimes required on short notice to ensure the popular facility continues to support the large numbers of users.”

Council will undertake additional maintenance works to the facility during this closure to ensure the pool is fully functional and at its best for the busy summer season.

Forster Ocean Baths was officially opened on the inJanuary 1936, and since that time there has been little change in the actual pool construction. The pool is 56 metres along the northern wall (rear wall), 50 metres along the eastern wall and 69 metres along the western wall.