Mid North Coast Speed Boat Club at Taree Show

Ross Cupitt and Steve Pascoe with Steve's 37 year old speed boat Outcast.
Ross Cupitt and Steve Pascoe with Steve's 37 year old speed boat Outcast.

Mid North Coast Speed Boat Club’s Forster branch was raising funds and spreading its message earlier at this month’s Taree Show (October 14)

Ross Cupitt and Steve Pascoe were among a number of passionate members keen to get the word out about the club’s upcoming social days.

“We want to raise money for nostalgia events, getting people to bring their old boats out for a spin,” Steve said.

“We are trying to get more events happening; at the moment we have two or three a year, including an annual reunion in July.”

The prompt for more social days follows a change in speed boat racing rules that has meant the smaller boats are required to compete against bigger boats that don’t have the same speed restrictions.

This makes it much more difficult for smaller vehicles to be competitive.

The club is a charity organisation, with 300 members State-wide.

With participants travelling from as far away as Queensland to attend the social events, the club has drawn in some industry celebrities.

“We’ve had some special guests come along; Pete Smith made an appearance, and David Warby too,” Steve said.

The club got revamped with new leadership three years ago, and since then, participation has increased a lot.

Prior to the changeover, 10-15 boats was a good turn-out to an event, but last year the average was 50 boats, and this year enticed 120 boats into the water.

“There are lots of boats just sitting in peoples sheds not being used and we want them to bring them out for a spin.

“We are definitely planning to keep on expanding.”

You can get involved in the club through its website, or via the Facebook page.