Green Point residents are fighting against the proposed development of a manufactured home estate

Green Point residents have pledged to fight against a proposal to develop a manufactured home estate in Bottlebrush Close.

The proposal has been put forward by Oxford Street Holdings for 87 affordable housing sites, a community clubhouse, recreational facilities and caravan/RV parking over three lots on the Bottlebrush Close site.

At a public meeting of the Green Point Community Association, attended by more than 150 concerned residents, a vote agreed unanimously to oppose the development.

The community has a population of more than 520 who occupy 272 residences, according to the latest Bureau of Statistics.

According to Green Point Community Association president, Gaye Tindall, the vast majority of residents are opposed to the development.

She explained the proposal had been swirling around since 2008, but in recent months it had gathered momentum.

A submission opposing the DA outlined the association’s reasons for not wanting the project to go ahead was lodged with council in early August.

Ms Tindall said the election and council’s decision to delay approving major developments until a new council was elected had worked in their favour.

It will be held over until a council meeting can be convened, which probably will be earliest late September or October onwards, she said.

The submission targets five main issues; maintaining the character of the village, bush fires, pollution, traffic and the environment.

“Residents bought into Green Point because of its quiet native bushland and rural lifestyle, which would now be shattered.”

The association also was concerned building on the wetlands would result in heavy run-off of pollution into Wallis Lake.

“In the event of failure to meet standards or non-performance council will have to foot the fill for remedial measures at a cost to ratepayers.”

There are obvious deficiencies and dangers of the t-intersection of The Lakes Way and Green Point Drive, which is narrow with hazardous twists and blind corners, she said.