Letter: Four wheel drive hoons on Tuncurry Beach

After being almost run over yet again on Tuncurry Beach by a yobbo in a four wheel drive, can we start a conversation about why we allow these vehicles on the beach? 

Two women walking their dogs near the track to the Tuncurry lookout platform had to take action to avoid a speeding 4WD and the same vehicle then swerved towards me. Just half an hour earlier, a young P-Plater in a red 4WD drove at breakneck speed along the beach, metres from me and others trying to enjoy a peaceful afternoon, before doing a 'doughnut" in the sand.

The entire beach by Sunday afternoon was a chopped up mess. 

Families, elderly people, children and dogs use this stretch of beach and someone is going to be killed unless council and police take action.

There were no council rangers patrolling the beach so no way of checking if the drivers had permits. There are no signs dictating the maximum speed. At the very least, these intrusive vehicles should be isolated to an area at the very northern end of Nine Mile Beach. 

This is not the sort of tourism we need in Tuncurry and these are not the sort of people we should accommodate. Is it time to restrict access to the beach by vehicles – especially those being driven by yobbos with no respect for others?

Tricia Duffield,