Letter: A clarification

Norfolk and Cook Island Pines will remain, Great Lakes Advocate July 12, 2017

Thank you for your article, but just a few clarifications.

The pines were planted by the developer contrary to the council’s own published policy.

These trees infringe the most significant of the Requirements of the Great Lakes Tree Planting in Streets Policy Code: PL-PRK- 003 Adopted: 13/09/1988 Last Reviewed: 31/10/2000 Last Amended: 14/04/2009 policy and since that time council has been culpable in not ensuring that its own policies are being complied with.

If residents had planted the trees then council would have insisted on them being removed.

The trees are not native to the area have a height potential of 60 meters but are planted within 10 metres of most resident’s homes.

Actual damage has already occurred to several drive ways which council will have to account for and council’s scheduled cost of maintenance is about the same as having the trees removed by a commercial contractor.

Removing the trees is the only lawful and economically rational decision for council to make.

Kevin Weir,