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Bob Pearson with his restored Norton.

Bob Pearson with his restored Norton.

'There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.'

This saying emanated from the late 50s TV series The Naked City but it could well refer to the many untold life stories of people throughout the country.

In the column today we are going hear an edited version of one such persons motoring story.

Bob Pearson is a resident of the Mid North Coast.

He immigrated from the UK to Tasmania in 1955 starting an apprenticeship with motoring company HE Heathorn in Hobart.

Bob's first car was a 1924 Chrysler. The cars that have past through his custodianship since have been numerous. I did ask him his favourite and it was split between a Renault 10S and an Austin Kimberly.

Bob has also enjoyed a life on two wheels. His favourite bike was a Triumph Trophy. He is currently restoring a Norton.

Bob served this country in the army for 27 years rising to the rank of major.

You can listen to Bob tell his story on Road Ramblings on  August 5. 

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