Forster's David Poole wants to set the record straight following.

I read in the Great Lakes Advocate on June 7 an article under the news section regarding the council works in Memorial Drive at Forster.

The article quoted a council spokesman as saying that the electronic parking infrastructure had been installed prior to council thinking about or planning for works in Memorial Drive.

This is untrue.

I was at the council meeting and spoke at the meeting, some years ago when the ill-conceived thought bubble of council at the time proposed a project that they called the Forster waterside renewal project.

This project included works to Memorial Drive.

At the meeting it was pointed out to council that their plan for works to Memorial Drive were based on insufficient investigation and consideration.

I remember quite clearly a senior representative of the council stating words to the effect: “We will put some of those electronic parking gizmos in.

“That will fix the problem in relation to people parking for too long in the Memorial Drive.”

The word gizmo was definitely used.

In other words, council put in an electronic parking knowing full well that works to Memorial Drive were planned, and were part of the asset management activities required to deal with the deterioration of the road in Memorial Drive.

This is just another example of council's credibility scoring 0/10.

David Poole,