Celebrating the birth of Buddha

Peter Morgan, Jule Wood, Sherry Stumm, Tin NtaNu, Gayathri Pathirana, Ian, Gayathri Pathirana
Peter Morgan, Jule Wood, Sherry Stumm, Tin NtaNu, Gayathri Pathirana, Ian, Gayathri Pathirana

The Great Lakes Buddhist community has come together to celebrate the birth, enlightenment and parinivana (enlightment) of The Buddha.

In the Tibetan tradition, this auspicious day is held on the full moon of the fourth month in their calendar.

This year it was held June 9.

“Not everyone attending the evening was from the Tibetan tradition, The Marpa Buddhist Centre, Tuncurry spokesman Peter Morgan said.

“But there is a close enough bond and friendship with other Buddhist schools to share an evening of meditation and prayer”.

This year there were students of the Theravada tradition from Burma and Sri Lanka.

They had not met each other before so it was a blessing to see them show mutual support and exchange contact details.

“It can get a little tricky to follow The Buddha’s teachings when they have developed different emphasis often according to the nationality of the followers, so it was encouraging to discuss themes which don’t change between various traditions,” Peter said.

“Loving kindness, respect for the teacher and the qualities of The Buddha were mentioned specifically”.

Saka Dawa, as it is known in the Tibetan tradition, is honoured for the entire fourth month of the Tibetan calendar.

The evening celebrated in Tuncurry included a meditation on compassion called Chenrezig, a Deity which His Holiness the Dalai Lama is said to be an emanation.

“It is believed that spending chunks of time regularly doing such meditations sows the seeds of compassion in our mind-stream and eventually we will have those qualities effortlessly available to us in all situations.”

Many Tibetans have supported meditations such as these for generations through thick and thin, even when they have become refugees fleeing from their country to seek refuge in Australia.

To help understand how to learn more about Buddhism, The Marpa Centre is hosting Lama Choedak Rinpoche, a Tibetan Lama who is visiting Forster-Tuncurry on June 24-25.

For more information on this weekend of teachings and about regular activities during the year contact Peter Morgan on 65557167 or email pandjmorgan@ozemail.com.au

 Visiting Tibetan teacher, Lama Choedak RInpoche.

Visiting Tibetan teacher, Lama Choedak RInpoche.