Forster-Tuncurry Radio Yacht Club will host its first interclub event

The club sails the 10 rater and DF95 classes at the lake on Saturdays from 11am,.
The club sails the 10 rater and DF95 classes at the lake on Saturdays from 11am,.

The Forster-Tuncurry Radio Yacht Club (FTRYC) will host it’s first interclub event for the DragonFlite 95 class of model yacht on Saturday, June 24 at the Racecourse Lake, Tuncurry.

This will be the third in a series of traveller’s events being held during the year at clubs within NSW.

The FTRYC introduced the DF95 in 2016 to complement it’s existing fleet of 10 rater class yachts.

It was hoped the new yacht would particularly appeal to those keen to enter the sport with a significantly smaller budget than other classes of yacht.

This has proved successful, and to date the FTRYC has a fleet of 11 yachts on the water.

Rapidly becoming one of the world’s best-selling RC yachts, the DF95 hull is 950 mm long, the complete boat only weighs two kilograms, and ready to sail is easily transported fully rigged.

All hulls and rigs are strictly identical – one boat is as good as any other!

Performance is quite amazing, with the boat proving easy to sail in all conditions with a remarkable turn of speed and no bad habits.

The day’s programme will begin at 10 am with the last race at 3pm.

Due to the large entry of more than 20 boats already nominated, racing will be on scratch, divided into A and B fleets.

The DF95 has already attracted several top skippers from other classes but in the first two travellers events held this year, FTRYC skippers Craig Sargent and Peter Burton have shared top honours with Jason Rootes from Newcastle and Phil Page from Maitland, one of the country’s top 10 rater skippers.

A day of close racing among these and other skippers can be assured, with a strong FTRYC contingent including Rod Wilson, Alan Griffith and president Ian Walters.

The Racecourse Lake is an ideal venue for model yacht racing, and the day’s program is a perfect opportunity for spectators to come and see DF95 yachts in action.

From Chapmans Road take the turnoff to the golf driving range, follow the gravel road, cross the race tracks and turn left.

Drive on the grass - please do not drive on the dirt training track. The sailing site is near the far end of the lake. For those who cannot make it to the lake on June 24, the FTRYC will be participating in the Forster Keys Fun Day on Sunday, July 2, at Elizabeth Reserve, Forster Keys, with several yachts on show, and available for those who wish to have a sail.

The club sails the 10 rater and DF95 classes at the lake on Saturdays from 11am, and visitors are always welcome to come along and try this fascinating sport, with boats and advice being readily available.

For further information phone Roger Smith 6555 6450.