NSW Police Legacy will host a lunch in Forster on June 22

Where would our communities be without the men and women who make up the NSW Police service.

Everyday these brave and hardworking members of the service put their lives on the line to ensure are communities are safe and enjoyable places to live.

However, sometimes tragedy strikes and police officers and their families have to live with the consequences.

Thirty years ago NSW Police Legacy was formed, initially to support bereaved families following the death of an officer.

Support now extends to include police officers and their families experiencing challenging times in their lives by providing an extensive list of services including.

  • · Financial assistance programs
  •   Education grants
  •   Welfare and special assistance
  •   Counselling referral services
  •   Children and family programs 
  •   Senior citizen programs
  •  Community engagement events
  •  Back-up for Life
  •  Counselling referral service
  • Mentoring
  • Family support program
  • Career incentives
  • Back-up for Life EXPO

Next Thursday, June 22 from noon NSW Police Legacy will hold a legatee local area lunch in Forster at Paradise Marina.

The NSW Police Legacy Legatee Local Area Lunch was set up to provide regular opportunities for the families of legatees to come together and share their stories an engage in the wider community.

The people who attend have often had to overcome difficult circumstances

A spokesperson for the organisation said he believed funding of this important community engagement program was a wonderful way to let these grieving families know that they are not alone and the sacrifices that their families have made have not been forgotten.