Letter: Lend the Salvos a helping hand

The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal Doorknock is on Saturday and Sunday, May 27 and  28.

I doubt that there is a person in our community who does not highly regard the very essential care services which the Salvos provide to those in need.

These services, of course, need to be funded & the main source of finance is the Red Shield Doorknock.

But here’s the crunch.

In Forster Tuncurry many more volunteer collectors are needed to cover our territory.

Last year only 40 per cent of the area could be covered by the number of volunteer collectors.

I have been approached to be chairman of the Appeal, I have accepted and  am proud to take on the task but I am calling on all members of our generous community and particularly our many service clubs, businesses and senior school students to lend a hand for just two hours or so on Saturday or Sunday morning next weekend.

Just turn up around 8.30am on either morning at the Salvation Army Hall in South Street, Tuncurry, up from the post office.

Volunteers will be warmly welcomed and there will be a cuppa and cakes awaiting your return.

Many will be familiar with US wartime posters with illustration of Uncle Sam imploring 

“Your country needs you”.

Well next weekend “The Salvos need you”.

Please join in and let’s cover the whole area not just 40 per cent.

In conclusion, I particularly stress that this is not a thankless door knocking job.

The Appeal dates have been well publicised, residents know collectors are coming and give willingly whatever they can, reflecting the high regard held for the Salvation Army’s integrity and the valuable services they constantly provide.

Jim Morwitch,