Please explain

To Great Lakes Council.

Can someone please reply to this letter about our rates.

I have just received my land value of $129,000 dollars for my land.

And in it they say that this is how they estimate our rates for the year.

I pay $1460 per year.

However my brother that lives on the north shore of Sydney, and he has just received his valuation  on his land valued at 1.1 million dollars and he only pays $1870 dollars for his.

How do they get that figure when it is nine times the value and only pays $400 more.

Imagine if my land was valued 1.1 million how much would I pay up here for that.

I hope this has nothing to do with the Minimbah tip that cannot be opened because they took too long to open it .

I hope we are not having to make for the loss of money on that project and to make things worse they want to hit us with a six per cent special rate rise on top.

Ross Easton, 

Great Lakes