Letter: Proposed rate increase


An Act passed in May 2016 prevented merged councils from accessing a rate increase.

Then, a couple of weeks ago (April 31)  according to Len Roberts, an Easter Bunny in the form of Paul Green from the Christian Democrats submitted an amendment exempting MidCoast Council (MCC) from this Act, thus, allowing MidCoast Council to seek a rate increase.

One wonders why Paul Green, who resides on the South Coast, has to do with the Mid North Coast.

I requested clarification from Paul Green  and he indicated that, he was approached by MCC and in view of the survey, showed that, 75 per cent of ratepayers and renters would be able to afford the rate increase.

Mind you, the 75 per cent was made up of 20 per cent who would be able to afford it and 55 per cent who said they would be "inconvenienced" by the rate increase.

I would have interpreted inconvenienced as a burden.

According to MCC (website), "affordability and impact on our ratepayers is the key to our proposal".

In four years, my rates will exceed $3000, not the average $1500 as quoted.

However, they do plan to freeze the waste levy for three years saving ratepayers $120.


According to Len Roberts (Point of View), survey after survey showed support for a rate increase.

Well, I must have missed something in all this excitement. I do not recall the results of the MCC survey being published.

I had to find these online, but, I stand to be corrected.

It was at the time when MCC realised it would not be allowed a rate increase.

I urge the residents of MCC area to express their objection to any rate increase.

I believe that whilst we don't have elected representatives our concerns will go unheard.

How can this be a democratic process when we only have an interim general manager and no councillors.

John Alterator,

Hawks Nest