Forster Tuncurry Radio Yacht Club introduces the DragonFlite 95

In mid-2016 the Forster Tuncurry Radio Yacht Club (FTRYC) decided to introduce an additional class of radio-controlled yacht to complement its existing strong fleet of 10 Rater class yachts.

It was hoped the new yacht, the DragonFlite 95, would particularly appeal to those keen to enter the sport with a significantly smaller budget than other classes of model yacht.

The DragonFlite 95 (DF95) is rapidly becoming one of the world’s best-selling RC yachts.

The hull is 950mm long, the complete boat only weighs two kilograms, and fully rigged ready to sail is easily transported fully rigged.

The quality of manufacture and choice of materials and fittings is exceptional. It is constructed of moulded plastic and composite materials with a carbon fibre keel, carbon masts and mylar sails.

All hulls and rigs are strictly identical – your boat is as good as any other.

Performance is quite amazing, with the boat proving easy to sail in all conditions, well balanced, with a remarkable turn of speed and no bad habits.

The great news is that just over $500 will buy you a brand new yacht complete with one rig, radio equipment and batteries.

 Nothing else is required to go sailing.

The yachts are marketed in Australia by mail order from Hobby Warehouse, which also stocks a full complement of spare parts.

By the end of 2016 seven DF95s were sailing at FTRYC, and the fleet has now reached nine.

So as not to clash with the 10 Raters the two classes sail on alternate Saturdays, 10 Raters on the first, third and fifth Saturdays, DF95s on the second and fourth and also most Wednesdays by arrangement.

Several inter-club events are already on the calendar, with FTRYC due to host a regatta in June.

For further information on the DF95 simply Google “DragonFlite 95”, where a wealth of information, including the Hobby Warehouse site and several Youtube videos will be found.

Alternatively, call Roger Smith, 0429 771 180 for further information, and also to arrange for a test sail.

The club’s sailing venue is the Tuncurry Racecourse Lake.

From Chapmans Road take the turn-off to the golf driving range, cross both race tracks and turn left, keeping on the grass inside the dirt training track (please do not drive on the dirt track). The sailing site and jetty is near the far end of the lake.