Flying feathers leads to full recovery

Photo by Glen Willard.
Photo by Glen Willard.

Locals Glen and Fiona Willard got more than they packed on a recent visit down south.

They had only just left their home in Firefly for a trip to the Hawkesbury River when they hit what looked like a rosella.

The brief moment was regretted but sadly unavoidable and as they say, the trip must go on.

One and a half hours and a brief stop later, they pulled over near Hexham Bridge due to a spilt milkshake. Out of the car a flash of colour caught their eye – was it a bird, was it a plane… oh, it was a bird. They realised with shock their unfortunate roadkill had come with them.

“I went to get it out but when I got closer I saw it move!” said an astounded Fiona. 

They carefully extricated the bird and put it in on the floor of their car, assuming if the shock didn’t kill it, injuries would.

“Well blow me down, by the time we got to Brooklyn, it had got up and flown up by the dashboard. Then it bit me!” she laughed.

The unlikely hitchhiker was released back into bushland on arrival at their destination, where the Willard’s observed it regain full health.

“It passed with flying colours!” said Fiona.