Forster man taken to John Hunter following shark attack | Photos

Police from Manning/Great Lake Local Area Command are working with officers from the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries to determine the size and breed of shark which attacked a Forster man earlier this morning.

The man’s surfboard, which broke into five pieces following the attack at Seven Mile Beach, was taken to Forster police station for examination.

The 62-year-old man was airlifted to John Hunter Hospital with severe lacerations to both his right foot and forearm, conscious and in a stable condition.

Due to the heavy rain and lightning he was initially taken to the Pacific Palms Bowling Club for transportation by Westpac helicopter to Newcastle.

As he was being taken from the helicopter to John Hunter the man gave the thumbs up to waiting media and medical officers.

Forster police officer, Sergeant Matt Price said the man was sitting on his board behind the waves when the shark bit him on the right foot and forearm.

A fellow boardrider swam to the man’s aid and helped him to the beach where emergency services were called.

Rain was falling at the time of the attack.