November temperatures and rainfall bust averages

Mixed weather: There is another series of hot days on the way with Monday and Tuesday edging into the 30s.
Mixed weather: There is another series of hot days on the way with Monday and Tuesday edging into the 30s.

The job of a weather forecaster can be predictably unpredictable.

Given the just-released data for November’s minimum and maximum temperatures and rainfall measurements, the unpredictable nature of the weather looks set to continue.

Meteorologist with weatherzone Kim Westcott said figures released for November were ‘all over the shop’.

"When you look at November, our mornings were cooler than average by nearly two degrees, especially at the start of the month,” she said.

“But our maximum temperatures were essentially two degrees above the average for the month too.

“Our hottest day was 33.5 degrees – 10 degrees above the average – on Sunday November 13.

“And during November we only saw 48.4 millimetres of rain fall over seven days where our average is 82mm of rainfall over eight days.”

And the mixed weather patterns are likely to continue over the next week or so.

Thursday will be reasonably warm – reaching 28 degrees – with possible thunderstorms developing later in the afternoon while the minimum temperature is expected to be 17 degrees.

Friday is going to be slightly warmer – with mostly sunny skies – and about 29 degrees.

The weekend temperatures are likely to dip down a bit with winds tending south easterly keeping a maximums to about 26 degrees. The minimum temperatures will be either 18 or 19 degrees.

There is a slight chance of some rain on Sunday but it is likely to be less than a millimetre.

“The weather starts to get really interesting by Monday and Tuesday with quite warm and quite thundery conditions,” Ms Westcott said.

“The maximum for both days will be around 30 degrees and it will be pretty humid, especially on Monday.

“That humidity will be between 80-85  per cent,” she said.

From Wednesday onwards the temperatures should begin to cool down.

Winds for Thursday will be north easterly increasing in the afternoon while on Friday they will tend north westerly in the morning but swinging around to the south east in the afternoon.

On Saturday and Sunday the winds will be south easterly for most of the day and the UV index will be extreme on both days.