Cool change will bring weekend rain

Our run of hot, sunny weather conditions appears over with the weekend predicted to feature some light showers.

A low pressure trough stretching from Queensland down into northern NSW will linger across the weekend and could lead to some rain, says weatherzone meteorologist Graeme Brittain, 

“The cold change moved in on Wednesday night and will hang around through Thursday,” he said.

“This change will see maximum temperatures drop by around four degrees. 

“There is also going to be some gusty winds with that change along with a marginal chance – a slim chance – of some rain.

“By Friday, the temperature will climb up to around 26 degrees – with a 14 degree start to the day – and it will be mostly sunny conditions.”

The weekend will see maximum temperatures in the mid-20s but that could depend on the amount of showers and cloud cover. The minimum temperature will be in the mid-teens.

“The chance of showers on the weekend will be mostly light in nature – between one and five millimetres – on either day,” the meteorologist added.

Monday and Tuesday will see a risk of some showers but temperatures are likely creep up into the high 20s.

There is a coastal wind warning for the Mid-North Coast for Thursday with winds gusting to around 30 kilometres per hour, but there are no other warnings current for the region. 

Friday should see those winds calming down and becoming lighter through the weekend.

There are no significant swells predicted for the period through to Monday.