Doctor committed to the community

Pacific Palms residents (and others from wider afield) who packed out the community hall on the evening of Wednesday,  November 23 to try and find our much-valued doctor David Norus alternative accommodation following problems with his lease at the private Boomerang Beach medical centre, were shocked to hear him say that a report in the Great Lakes Advocate that morning  had so damaged his reputation and his honour, it now made it impossible for him to remain in our area.

As a journalist myself, I was appalled at the one-sided reporting that quoted Dr Wayne Halpin, who owns the premises in question, and gave no balance to Dr Norus’ side of the dispute.

Before this travesty of one-sided reporting was published there were high hopes that alternative accommodation could be found to service some 3500 patients who travelled from as far as Taree to experience his expertise and wise and compassionate counsel.

Until he read your report, Dr Norus had indicated he would like to start a new practice here, and commit himself to this area for many years to come.

But the Advocate has well and truly sabotaged those plans, and has a lot to answer for.

Believe me there is wide-spread deep anger and resentment towards the paper.

An apology should be published, but will probably be too late to reverse Dr Norus’ decision.

Tim Bowden,

Boomerang Beach.