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The Forster Digital Photography meeting opened with the club’s AGM and election of officer bearers for 2016-2017.

The elected officers are, president Barbara Roberts, vice-president Wanda Amos, secretary Yvonne Moule, Treasurer John Hulme, committee members, Jan Amato, Keith Pascoe, Margaret Millar, Narelle Miller and Web Master Danny Dunne.

The judge for this month’s set subject was Elizabeth Kodela EFIAP FAPS PSQA. . 

Elizabeth has been a PSQ accredited Judge for more than 10 years and has judged locally as well as internationally.

She judged in Germany in 2011 at the German Mega circuit, Slovenia 2013 Narava International, Germany 2105 DVF International and Ljubljana 2016 FKL International.

Elizabeth is a committee member of the judges executive committee and Australian International Group as well as the Australian Photographic Society.

Overseas judging with photographers of a high standard has given Elizabeth extensive knowledge which she likes to share when working with her colleagues.

This month’s open subject judge was Gary Riley.

Gary is an FCC judge and has been a member of the Port Hacking Camera Club for many years.

He enjoys all forms of photography but is especially interested in macro, nature and sports action photography.


Open subject: C-grade, Dale Rabbett (Salmon Lunch), 1; Nicole Mugridge (After the Storm), 2;  Cozette Leonard (Jasper), 3; Dale Rabbett (Winter Dam), Kathy Majewski (Living the Dream) and  (Misty Reflections), HC. B-grade, Grahame Wilson (Watching the Parade), 1;  Yvonne Moule ((The Apple), 2; Grahame Wilson (Contemplating the Crusade), 3;  Anna McKendry (Homeless) Barbara Roberts (Teddy Tea), Barrie Anderson (Gate Locked), David Lamb (Lorikeet Study), Jeanette Anderson (The Street where I live), Keith Bell (Feeding Time) Lyn Wilson (Fun Fair Fun), Pam Dunne ((Hooks) and Sandra Jones (Honey Eater Chicks), HC. A-grade, Helen Walker (Evening Reflections)1;  Robyn Pascoe (Trapped), 2;  Wanda Amos (Varanasi Man), 3; Brian McCauley (Leaden Flycatcher), Ian Herford (Bee on Purple Flower), John Stranack (Evening Stroll) and (Final Farewell), Marguerite lamb (Bream for Lunch) Paul Bennie ((Dinner Time), Peter Tarplee (Precarious), Roslyn Tarplee (Sisters) and Wanda Amos (Gujarat Salt Farm Workers), HC

Set subject (vertical landscapes): C-grade, Nicole Mugridge (Daily Life), 1; Dale Rabbett ((Red Sails), 2;  Cozette Leonard (Bryce National Park), 3;  Kathy Majewski (Sunrise at Polblue Swamp), HC. B-grade, Pam Dunne (Twisted), 1;  Anna McKendry (Quiet Evening), 2; Anna McKendry (It’s a Vivid Thing), 3; Barbara Roberts (The Cormorants) David Lamb (Sunset over the Lake), Grahame Wilson (The Two Towers London) and (To the Heavens), HC. A-grade, Lesley Walters (Uluru), 1; Lynne Bennie (Melbourne), 2;  Wanda Amos (Yellowstone Stream), 3. David Roberts (The Tigers Nest), Elsie Hall (SkyWay), Ian Herford (German Village) and Marguerite Lamb (Water Designs), HC.

Member’s choice, open: A-grade, Helen Walker (Evening Reflections) and Paul Bennie (Dinner Time). B-grade, Grahame Wilson (Watching the Parade). C-grade, Dale Rabbett (Salmon Lunch).

Set subject (Vertical Landscapes): A-grade,  David Roberts (The Tigers Nest) and  Lynne Bennie (Melbourne).B-grade, Anna McKendry It’s A Vivid Thing) and C-grade: Nicole Mugridge (Daily Life)

Congratulations to all winners.

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