Bus takes a bumpy ride down embankment

A SCHOOL bus was winched back to safety last week after it slid, empty, down an embankment.

The incident occurred last Tuesday at the start of the morning run, when the driver pulled on the handbrake and got out to remove a large rock off Wallanbah Road as it had already caused the bus a flat tire on a previous trip. 

The driver then returned to the empty bus and removed the wedge they had placed in front of the wheel, but before they could get back in, the bus began to roll down the embankment and into the creek.  

The driver, unhurt but shaken, then walked two kilometres to the nearest house to get help. 

“We’re investigating what happened to ensure it doesn’t happen again. It doesn’t appear to be a mechanical fault,” Forster Busline’s depot manager David Isbell said.

The bus was winched out by a crane the following day.