Buddies (and big brothers) make big school a breeze: PHOTOS

AT the beginning of this school term Jodie Loretan sent four kids off to school instead of three.

Her youngest, Katie, started kindergarten at Forster Public School, joining her brother Mitchell in year five and Cameron in year three. Also on a new adventure was Jodie’s eldest Lachlan who started year seven at Forster High School.

“There were definitely mixed emotions,” said Jodie. 

“I was happy for Katie to go, but it is sad to know that part of your life is over.  But another stage with high school is beginning with Lachlan.” 

Jodie said Katie was very excited and confident for her first day of school.

“She was up and ready before 7 o’clock!” said Jodie. 

“She’s been watching her brothers do this routine for years, so I think she was excited it was her turn.” 

Katie’s big brothers were ready to look at for Katie on her first day at school. 

“At recess Mitchell went over to check if Katie was okay,” said Jodie.

“But Katie already had her year six buddy at her side.  She told him this isn’t his area and he better go.  I think she was worried about getting them in trouble!” 

When Katie came home she talked about her first day where she made paint handprints and saw old friends from preschool. 

Lachlan was also happy about his first big day at high school, and according to Jodie “...he loved it.” 

The next milestone for Katie will be her first bus ride to school.

“I think I’ll give her a couple more weeks,” said Jodie.