No joke as fan apologises after reporting robbery


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An English football fan felt robbed after Manchester United winger Nani was harshly sent-off against Real Madrid midweek and reported the perceived injustice of referee Cuneyt Cakir to local police. An 18-year-old Man U fan called police to report the referee's ''crime'' but he soon realised his error and apologised to police, saying that he was caught up in the passion of the moment. ''It's no joke. In this case, the man realised his bad judgment and apologised and we decided not to pursue it further,'' a police spokesman said. ''While this recent example may be amusing, it illustrates the sort of insincere calls we have to deal with on a daily basis in the control room.''


Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco became the NFL's highest-paid player midweek when he signed a $120 million six-year deal with Baltimore Ravens and celebrated not with a lavish dinner, but by going through McDonald's drive-through. Flacco surpassed New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees as the game's top earner and revealed that he opted against popping the cork at a hatted restaurant in favour of 10 chicken nuggets, fries and unsweetened ice tea at his local Maccas.


Andrew Flintoff escaped injury after a high-speed car crash during the filming of a local TV show. The English cricketer-turned-boxer flipped a car while driving at more than 100km/h before hitting a tree. Both he and rally car driver Kris Meeke were unscathed after their Citroen crashed during filming for the TV show A League of their Own in Wales. Flintoff was driving at the time and his inexperience was blamed as the cause of the crash by Meeke.


It may not be Space Jam, Shazaam or Escape to Victory, but a British athlete made a bizarre acting debut on London's West End. Heptathlete Louise Hazel made a surprising switch from the track to the stage in Spamalot, the musical based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The British Olympian can be seen dressed in renaissance attire with an impressive Dali-esque moustache when she plays the minor role of ''Sir not appealing''. Her funding from British Athletics was recently cut but she says that had nothing to do with her switch to theatre. ''Someone I know gave me the chance to be involved so I came down to London for the day and gave it a go,'' Hazel said. ''It's not the sort of thing you turn down, is it? I thought this is something I can tell the grandchildren about. Loads of people train as actors and I get to give it a go as a sportswoman - it's crazy but I couldn't say no.'' Hazel will return to training shortly to begin her preparations for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.


The scene of Italian football fans scaling dividing barriers inside stadiums is usually a sign of impending violence, but not on Wednesday night at the Juventus Arena in Turin. Celtic and Juventus fans were seen trying to overcome the perspex dividers to swap scarves as tokens of friendship after their UEFA Champions League clash. The two groups of fans traded attire and went on their way after a graceful tap on the glass and thumbs up. Scottish and Italian football fans have a history of solidarity and the Tartan Army became a favourite guest of the city of Bari in 2007 when they drank many of the local pubs dry and partied with the locals.


Band Of Gold. Freda Payne. If any album is worth buying for just one track, it's this one. Band Of Gold is one of the great pop songs - and you get 11 other tunes from the great Freda. @EarsMcEvoy


There are goal celebrations, then there's this. Portland Timbers keep America's great tradition of over-the-top fan engagement alive with a chainsaw display to celebrate each goal. A giant log sits in front of their active supporters and a rung is cut off the end by one passionate logger. The Timbers' recent 3-3 draw early in the MLS season indicates that the giant pine might not be able to last the remainder of the campaign. Search: Portland Timbers chainsaw.

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